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Indoor, outdoor.  Scrub and hang up to dry.  Bath, shower, shave, refillable and reusable!  Check out our version of soap on a rope!

All of the natural handmade soaps from Good Fortune Soap use the finest herbal oils, essential fragrances, and moisturizing butters. Once you experience Good Fortune's natural handcrafted soap, you'll never go back to regular detergent soap!

Peppermint Tea Tree Faucet Soap

Tingly peppermint tea tree menthol faucet soap exfoliates you from head to toe, is perfect for shaving, healing for acne, and kid-friendly.

Sandalwood Lavender Faucet Soap

Gentle sandalwood lavender faucet soap exfoliates you from head to toe, is great for shaving, good for sensitive skin and kid-friendly.

A great stocking gift.  A great addition to any basket!

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