The Jakobys Even the smallest moments can be celebrated. Happiness Baskets embraces moments of pure joy, from the first time a father holds his newborn baby, to a bride’s smile before walking down the aisle. At Happiness Baskets, we want to help you celebrate all these achievements, occasions and milestones in your own special way.

Founded in 2003 by Caroline Cheshire, Healing Baskets began as a way to connect with individuals coping with pain, heartache or loss. Healing Baskets soon led to Happiness Baskets, offering gifts to celebrate achievements and life’s special moments. Mobius Bracelets soon followed featuring over 25 beautiful designs of this touching keepsake.

In 2013, Heidi and Michael Jakoby became the new owners of Healing Baskets. Throughout their lives, Heidi and Michael have been a constant voice of comfort and support. Even during their own hardships, including Michael losing his job and their home catching on fire, they continued to offer a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on for many friends and loved ones. Heidi and Michael are honored to continue Caroline’s legacy and provide the perfect gifts and baskets for people celebrating joyous milestones or comforting those in need.

This collection of memorable gifts fulfills the need of any occasion, from the somber to the celebratory.

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