Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts for your friends, family and the important people in your life. Interesting and thoughtful birthday gifts. Browse our selections below.

 A to Z Of Inspiration Mobius Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet is inscribed with twenty six adjectives to describe how out lives can be...
 Life Is A Journey Not A Destination Mug
"Life is a journey, not a destination." This inspirational matte-finish mug bright..
 The Teddy Pack Hot and Cold
This heatable Teddy-Pac will soothe a child's congestion, aches and pains and provide comfort for..
 You Rock Mug
Confirm your awesomeness with every sip out of this You Rock Mug! Ceramic with a matte finis..
'Mother' In 32 Languages and Scripts Mobius Bracelets
Mom.  One of the most loved words in the world!  This bracelet is a celebration of moth..
'The Rest Of Your Life' Mobius Bracelet
What are you doing the rest of your life? North and South and East and West of your life. I have ..
23rd Psalm Mobius Bracelet
What a wonderful gift to mankind! From the opening line to its very last word, the Twenty-thi..
52 Cool Tricks for Kids
Grab that magic wand! This popular deck of easy-to-perform magic tricks and kid-friendly sleights..
52 Fun Things to do in the Car
Kiss the roadtrip blues good-bye with the revised version of this best-selling card activity..
52 Fun Things to do on the Plane
Turn an in-flight magazine into an engaging game, transform your mid-flight snack into an instant..
52 Great Art Projects for Kids
These cards are packed with projects that are easy and fun. ..
52 Ways To Make A Difference
 This popular deck has been completely updated to include dozens of new ways to make an impa..
A Mother Holds Her Children's Hands Mobius Bracelet
This stunning mobius bracelet is inscribed with comforting words for mother's and their children...
A Simple Blessing BB Becker Cuff
Sterling silver cuff bracelet with engraved quotation of “Simple Blessing.”  Thi..
Aged to Perfection Bear by GUND Plush Stuffed Toy
This may be my favorite as I turned 50 last year.  This beautifully cute grey bear is wearin..
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