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Water expands cells and washes away toxins and carries the toxins out of the body. Every function in a body is improved by taking in more water. The body knows how to heal itself and it can do its job when it has enough water and especially water that has been influenced by prayers of healing, regeneration and renewal.

So transform your drinking water into liquid prayers. Use the blessing labels on all drinking water, showers, faucets, bath tubs, pet and plant water, mirrors, windows and anywhere you want water to carry your blessings. There are sixteen reusable static cling labels in each collection.  Choose from Healing Medicine or Personal Growth.

Healing Medicine (serenity, energy, acceptance, courage, nurturance, rejuvenation, cleansing, balance, self love, faith, breakthrough, wholeness, body wisdom, patience, humor, healing)

Personal Growth (joy, health, strength, gratitude, thank you, compassion, wisdom, success, love, trust, clarity, guidance, prosperity, kindness, vitality, creativity)  

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