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Are you ready to send the gift of non-stop laughter to others for the price of a first-class postcard stamp?

Send this sturdy postcard box featuring 100 postcards of the publication's best and worst headlines, magazine covers, and charts.

These "rectangular" postal cards call out to be mailed, posted on the fridge, or otherwise shared.

Five different category tabs—Local, National, Science & Technology, Sports & Entertainment, and Business—keep the offbeat cards organized.

Stiff paper surface fully receptive to any stamp, no matter how rare or exotic.

Similar to popular 'E-mail', but without cumbersome computer

Can be mailed to any address on the entire plant earth, which is amazing, if you think about it.

Contains large blank area on back to be filled in with pathetic handwritten attempts at communication

Never runs out, since number of cards more than exceeds number of friends.

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