All You Need is Love

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in."  - Morrie Schwartz.

Hearts aren't just for Valentine's Day. They say 'I'm thinking about you and sending my love'. Life Happens. Love Helps.

I Give You My Heart
Give your heart to that special someone. Engraved pewter heart that says "My Heart" in a sweet or..
I Love You With All My Heart And Soul coin by Tamara Hensick
Tamara Hensick's inspiration for her work comes from everyday life whether it be sayings, overhea..
Inspired by the Sea Plauques Three Designs
  These beautiful full-color ceramic plaques hang by organza ribbons decorated with sea ..
Just For You Basket of Love and Smiles
Just For You Basket of Love and Smiles Loved –adjective: held in deep affection; cherished: l..
Love Art Block by Mary Anne Radmacher
Mary Ann Rachmacher happens to be one of our favorite writers and illustrators.  We loved th..
Love Bears All Things Basket
Designed around a favorite plaque, this basket is for someone you love who has faced or is facing ..
Love Bears All Things Dexsa Plaque
  These plaques are beautifully made with handmade paper, bows, and beaded trim. The..
Love Blessing Bowl
Every sweetheart will love this gift! “Thank you for being part of my life’s jour..
Love In Many Languages Mobius Bracelet
  The perfect Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, or I Love You gift.  It serves as a d..
Love is Patient Love is Kind double mobius pendant
This double Möbius band pendant is engraved, "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it..
Love Never Fails I Corinthians 13:8 Necklace
Circlet of hearts design, with the words "love never fails" inscribed on one side only. Words are..
Love Openings Window Cards
One month of daily flirting.  Add romance to your love life with 30 pop-open love notes. Hid..
Love You always Droplet Pendant
This sterling silver droplet pendant is simple and shiny at first glance- turn it around and you ..
Miracles Happen, Dreams Come True coin by Tamara Hensick
Miracles Happen, Dreams Come True coin by Tamara Hensick One side reads Miracles Happen and t..
Never Place a Period Where God Has Placed A Comma
"Never place a period where God has placed a comma." -- George Burns/Gracie Allen. ..
Nobody Holds A Candle To You
You gotta love candles with powerful messages from Aunt Sadies of Boston. Each candle is 100%..
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