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Scramble Squares  Puzzles

Scramble Squares Puzzles

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The Encyclopedia of Immaturity How to Never Grow Up The Complete Guide

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity: How to Never Grow Up The Complete Guide

I love the introduction of this book and think is is a fun filled gift for all but especially boys 8-108! "The information in this volume was gathered over the course of a misspent and lifelong childhood. The sources were extremely diverse and, given the long time frame, many of them will have to remain nameless. In most cases they would probably insist on it anyway.  The outstanding exception is our longtime hero, Martin Gardner, a magic buff, mathematician, teacher and philosopher, whose vast brain and experience encompass a great deal more than everything in this book." Just a few fun things in this book:How to Skip a Stone, How to Do a Wheelie, How to Hang a Spoon from Your Nose, How to Really Annoy Your Older Sibling… all painstakingly explicated and illuminated with full-color photographs, illustrations, diagrams, and the occasional footnote.

Written by the editors of Klutz.

For ages 8 and up. This cloth hard covered spiral bound book is approximately 8x9 inches.


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