Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts for your friends, family and the important people in your life. Interesting and thoughtful birthday gifts. Browse our selections below.

 A to Z Of Inspiration Mobius Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet is inscribed with twenty six adjectives to describe how out lives can be...
 Life Is A Journey Not A Destination Mug
"Life is a journey, not a destination." This inspirational matte-finish mug bright..
 The Teddy Pack Hot and Cold
This heatable Teddy-Pac will soothe a child's congestion, aches and pains and provide comfort for..
 You Rock Mug
Confirm your awesomeness with every sip out of this You Rock Mug! Ceramic with a matte finis..
'Mother' In 32 Languages and Scripts Mobius Bracelets
Mom.  One of the most loved words in the world!  This bracelet is a celebration of moth..
'The Rest Of Your Life' Mobius Bracelet
What are you doing the rest of your life? North and South and East and West of your life. I have ..
23rd Psalm Mobius Bracelet
What a wonderful gift to mankind! From the opening line to its very last word, the Twenty-thi..
52 Cool Tricks for Kids
Grab that magic wand! This popular deck of easy-to-perform magic tricks and kid-friendly sleights..
52 Fun Things to do in the Car
Kiss the roadtrip blues good-bye with the revised version of this best-selling card activity..
52 Fun Things to do on the Plane
Turn an in-flight magazine into an engaging game, transform your mid-flight snack into an instant..
52 Great Art Projects for Kids
These cards are packed with projects that are easy and fun. ..
52 Ways To Make A Difference
 This popular deck has been completely updated to include dozens of new ways to make an impa..
A Friend Loves At All Times Bird Mug
A Friend Loves At All Times Mug.  This lovely ceramic mug has a design on the outside with a..
A Mother Holds Her Children's Hands Mobius Bracelet
This stunning mobius bracelet is inscribed with comforting words for mother's and their children...
A Simple Blessing BB Becker Cuff
Sterling silver cuff bracelet with engraved quotation of “Simple Blessing.”  Thi..
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