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First Published in 1940, pat the bunny has sold over seven million copies and is one of the best-selling children's books of all time. The book has been known as baby's first gift for over 60 years! This pioneer in baby development started as no more than a special book that one mother created for her daughter.   We've added a gorgeous blankie and plush Bunny wrapped for fun in a cabbage leaf basket. Pat The Bunny Book.  The interactive elements of the book, bunny's fur, daddy's scratchy beard, smelling the flowers, looking in the mirror, peek-a-boo blanket, reading a miniature book, poking your finger through a die cut of mommy and waving bye-bye have been the keys to its success. The history of Pat the Bunny has shaped its way into becoming one of the most recognized classic children's books today!

Pat The Bunny Plush.  Let you child pat the bunny too, with this 12-inch soft, squeezable plush.

Pat The Bunny Plush Blanky.  When enveloping baby in softness is important, nothing tops a Kids Preferred plushy product like this turquoise or peach blanky. Measuring 15 inches square, baby will snuggle against the soft fabric as a security blanket, or under it as a warm covering or just grasp it as a cozy companion to carry in the car or the stroller.

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